Raceday editing in seconds

Nimis Pro connects to your GoPro and
automatically creates exciting videos

Relax with friends while your footage is edited

Shoot, auto-edit & share

Nimis Pro explainer screens

Let Nimis Pro auto-edit your footage

Sit back while the Nimis App configures your GoPro videos. With 6 modes, let Nimis Pro be your camera man and free you up to drive hard with no distractions. While the car is cooling down, press the ‘Nimis Edit’ button. In under a minute you’ll have a fully edited pro video that can be shared instantly on Social Media.

Easily create action-packed videos to re-live and share with your friends

We have automated the video editing process so you can focus on driving

Edits multiple GoPros

Works on multiple GoPro cameras for more action footage. Capture lots of exciting footage from different camera angles without spending the time to edit multiple camera footage.

Super fast edit

At the press of a button your footage will be edited for you. There is no connecting to computers, downloading files, Nimis Pro does that while your car cools down.

Share while it’s hot

After your footage is edited, at the press of a button it’ll upload to YouTube and social media. Most footage is shared the next day, and most often not.

Saves you time

By editing your footage, configuring your GoPro and making the upload super easy, Nimis Pro cuts out the work you’d need to do – saving you a lot of time.

Configures your GoPro

Nimis Pro configures your GoPro settings including resolution and frame rate, so you can just focus on driving.

Battery saver mode

Automatic battery saver mode for fastest lap mode – don’t run out of battery at the track.

Nimis Pro launches in 2017

A passion for cars and technology

Built for car enthusiasts

Daniel Johns

Daniel Johns first discovered his love for speed when he got a fast ride in a 1988 Porsche 911 as a kid. The concept of Nimis Pro was born out of several years of race-engineering on the side for the GT3 Cup Challenge. Having been trained with the very best as a big data and cyber security engineer Nimis Pro combines the passion for cars and technology. He hopes to support the community enjoy their passion to its fullest.

Priya George

Priya George remembers the vintage car her grandfather used to drive. Since then her love for aesthetics grew to include cars. Having little patience for cumbersome systems, she was the top choice to lead technology transformation projects looking to create simple user friendly systems. She identified the opportunity in motorsport technology and looks forward to introducing innovative products to the community.